Saturday, July 21, 2012

European Bond Yields

As per my previous post, here are the current yields of significance across Europe as of Friday's close:

Click all charts to enlarge:

The concern as of tonight is Spain.  Here is the Spanish yield as of Fridays close (I apologize for the poor chart but that is all Bloomberg offers):

Historically when a country cannot sell 10 year sovereign debt for a yield less than 7% has led to "very nasty things".

Spain has avoided the austerity Greece has endured the past 2 years because they have been able to convince the market their "plan" is on course.  As of Friday's close the market is not buying it. 

I expect this weekend there will be a lot of ministers NOT enjoying their summer holiday.  Monday may be very interesting.

Be careful out there if you are seriously long the markets.

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