Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stock Market Update 14 November 2007

This is very short as I don't have time now to post pics.

Bottom Line:

The market has performed as I expected. We have had a pullback and a recovery. When you see 3+% moves/day that is telling you everyone is confused and NO ONE knows where this thing will go. I do not think it is done yet and the charts (which I don't have time to post) are telling me things are not done yet. That is where I stand on the issue.

Those who are in cash......stay there. I suspect you will have a great buy opportunity in the future.

Those who are invested along the lines I am (50% equities/25% Euro/25% USD)....stay there. You are well diversified no matter what happens.

Those who are 100% equities.......good luck. You could be lucky; you could be in trouble. That is a roll of the dice.

Just my thoughts. As always, make your own decisions.

Will update with charts in the next few days.




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