Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stock Update August 30, 2007

Crazy couple of weeks; it is a trader's market. It's been great fun in my trading account.

As far as the provident fund, two quick charts that make things very clear and easy (click on charts to enlarge):

DJW PNF 1 Box:

Still on a sell signal through 300. It has retraced as I mentioned I expected in a previous post. A price through 293 would be a short term buy signal, a price through 287 would be another confirmed sell signal.

DJW PNF Traditional:

Still on a buy signal from Sept 2005. Would switch to a sell signal on a closing price of 272 or below.

Bottom Line:

Currently still 50% equities/50% cash (25% USD, 25% Euro's). Will go to 25% equities/75% cahs on a fall through 287. Will go to 100% cash on a fall through 272.

On the upside, will go to 75% equities/25% cash on a rise through 293 and 100% equities on a close above 316.


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