Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Currencies update 21 February 2007

Various currency pairings (click on charts to enlarge):


Currently long euro vs usd on a short term basis.

Currently long EURO vs USD on a medium term basis.

UK Pound:USD

Currently long USD vs pound on a short term basis. Very close to a change of trend to long pound. Must hold above 2.257 resistance level.

Long USD vs Pound on medium term basis. However showing signs of strength and may switch to long Pound as long as the uptrend line and red support line is not breached.

Aussie Dollar:USD

Long Aussie dollar vs. USD on a short term basis. Aussie dollar is looking quite strong with a breakout of the symmetrical triangle.

Currently long USD vs. Aussie dollar on a medium term basis. However the uptrend channel is well defined so this might be a good buy opportunity in the Aussie. I expect the Aussie to turn bullish soon.


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